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I passed the ten years mark on the short pause of blogging!

Time flies. This couldn't be any truer. Days come and days go, and we barely are catching up with what happens in it. I paused on blogging more than decade ago. I intended that to be a short one, but a decade went on and the short pause continued to be. This realisation was huge to me and I promised to go back to blogging the soonest.

Blogging was the main writing routine I had back then, but it wasn't the only. So, when I stopped blogging I continued to write in different forms; An official work blog, public platforms and social networks. However, it almost had no personal touch, and a personal blog is the only place a person can reflect on his thoughts, work, and ambitions.

I'm hoping, if it's Allah's well, to complete set of long-form articles and shorter blog posts that I drafter sometime during past years and publish it. I might as well re-publish archive work. A lot of possibilities but nothing is guaranteed yet.

And to end this first post on my blog, thank you for reading through. I'm praying everything I publish here witnesses for, not against, me.

Header photo: A work by lilartsy on Unsplash

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