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Digital Transformation

For over a decade, Mahmoud helped small and medium size businesses automate their business processes and to upgrade from conventional means to all-digital solutions which help teams operate more effectively, with the benefits being shaped as wider understanding of managements of how the business is operating and all the tools to help making the most of it.

My Skills of Field:

Events Modelling Accessible First Change Management
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Software and Systems Architecture

Mahmoud adoption of proven best practices of the field is reflected in the results of the projects he delivered where the value that is extracted from such practices can be seen in maximising the outcomes of those systems, and minimising the efforts required to run, operate, maintain and develop them.

My Skills of Field:

Test-Driven Development Domain-Driven Design Behaviour-Driven Development Event-Driven Design Agile
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Cloud Migration

Over last six years, Mahmoud successfully lead migration of existing solutions to cloud. The technical success is also coupled with benefits to the businesses in areas of budget and financial management, and less technical burden to maintain and develop the systems.

My Skills of Field:

Docker Kubernetes Terraform Google Cloud Azure AWS

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I have worked with [Mahmoud] on a number of personal and client projects and I have found them to be very accommodating and professional. Furthermore, and most importantly, their work needs a minimal amount of ongoing attention. Websites degrade as time passes and coding is extremely important. [Mahmoud] has no interest in doing work that takes time quickly, [Mahmoud] has an interest in working correctly. I recommend them

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